Divorce in the Digital Age: Apps Assist Co-parenting

The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed a family who credits the co-parenting app, "Family Wizard," with minimizing tension and court time during their separation and their son's youth. The Handlers are not the only family looking to apps and websites to manage their family's post-split. Allowing divorced parents to avoid talking to each other regularly and manage schedules online provides a useful tool in helping ease communication and decrease discord. Popular co-parenting apps include:

App Close - Free

Family Wizard - Plans start at $99/parent/year (check out their fee waiver program)

ProperComm - ProperComm uses a token-based system, where, to begin sending email or text messages, users must pre-pay $200 for tokens. After that, tokens may be purchased in $20 increments (one Token=$1), with tokens buying a certain number of characters

CoParenter - 30-day free trial, then $12.99/month or $120/year per parent, or $200/year for co-parents paying together

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