Do you text with clients?

It seems that many companies, including law firms, are turning to texting as a way to connect with clients. A Kansas attorney featured in a recent Portland Press Herald article, Rick Davis, has found that many clients prefer to communicate through texts and chats. Through texts, he is able to answer short questions quickly and efficiently, saving him time and his clients’ money. A downside noted in the article is that clients sometimes expect an immediate response which isn’t always possible. Here at the Maine Community Law Center, we generally do not share personal cell phone numbers with clients for a number of reasons. First, to establish boundaries between our professional and personal lives. Second, if it becomes necessary to share the contents of an exchange, e.g., in a court proceeding, it is generally easier to print copies of emails. Also, we are unsure how secure text messages are. Finally, legal work is serious business. It is in the clients’ and attorneys’ best interests to communicate through a mechanism, whether it be email or an old fashioned conversation, which is better suited to thorough and clear communication. How do other Maine attorneys feel about texting with clients?