Maine Community Law Center is Closed

Dear Friends:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the closing of the Maine Community Law Center.  Despite our team’s untiring efforts, we were not able to survive the economic disruption of the COVID-19 crisis. After five wonderful years, May 1, 2020 marked our last day.

While we are deeply saddened, we are so grateful for the chance to have done this at all. We have helped hundreds of people who otherwise could not have afforded legal assistance - and we have had a lot of fun along the way.  We, of course, dream of coming back together in the future, but to ensure that our clients are in safe hands, and our employees can prepare for their next chapter, it was essential that we do this now.

Our four current fellows, Hannah Fujimaki, Amanda LaBelle, Tyler Lauzon, and Brian Ranta go out into the world with training, experience, compassion, and a commitment to serving our community. Amanda LaBelle and Tyler Lauzon have launched their own private practices and can be reached at and They join Jacqueline Moss, Elizabeth Valentine, Bill Adams, Karen Fox, Petra Lee, Matt Richwalder, and Barrett Littlefield as new lawyers who have made the world a better place through their service at MCLC. Casey Weed, Star Bergh, Stephanie Rogers, Meredith Cook, and our current Associate Director, Zoe Trout, have served MCLC by providing operational support to our team, and we are confident that they all have bright futures ahead of them. Our incredible Executive Director, Elizabeth Stout, will be spending the next two months ensuring our smooth transition. After that, she will be developing her own next career plan, so stay tuned at

MCLC is proof that an idea to make the world a better place can be realized in a powerful way. While MCLC may be closed for now, we are excited for new opportunities to serve our communities in the days ahead. We move forward with an abundance of skills, energy, love, and hope for the future. In the spirit of MCLC, we hope you, too, will consider how you can use your own resources to strengthen our community as we recover from this very difficult time.


The Maine Community Law Center Team