What we do:

MCLC provides legal services to Mainers of modest means, increasing access to justice for all Maine citizens. Legal fees are charged on a sliding fee scale or a flat rate; we also accept court appointments. Our goal is to provide legal assistance to those who need it, at a cost that is affordable. 

Access to justice: what does that mean?

In the past, people have relied on legal aid organizations and pro bono (fee-waived) legal services from attorneys to provide access to an attorney to everyone who needs one. The demand for affordable legal services, however, consistently exceeds what legal aid and private, pro bono attorneys can provide. At the same time, people who do not qualify for legal aid but can't afford current rates for attorney's fees are left without resources. This is called the justice gap.

Access to justice means that those who need legal services can find and hire an attorney. Having a lawyer or information about courts, laws and regulations makes it far easier to access the justice of the legal system. The Maine Community Law Center was created to close the justice gap and provide legal assistance to those for whom it would otherwise be out of reach. 



The first legal residency program in Maine

The lawyers at MCLC practice law in a variety of fields. While they are recently admitted to the Maine bar, they have the support and guidance of many experienced Maine attorneys. 


Your case will benefit from professional care and attention at an affordable rate.


Family Law means actions for divorce, parental rights and responsibilities, child residence and contact, child support, spousal support, child welfare matters, and adoption.


If a person needs the court’s assistance to resolve a dispute, filing or defending a court case is generally called civil litigation.  MCLC is able to provide legal advice and representation in civil court matters.


Probate Guardianship is an action for the protection of persons who are minors or adults unable to care for themselves, to give a third party the ability to make decisions for the protected person.


Landlord/Tenant matters include housing, rental, and eviction issues, as well as tenants’ rights and landlord disputes.


Any person charged with a crime has the right to have an attorney represent them in court.  MCLC offers criminal defense legal services.


Estate Planning services include drafting a will, a health care directive, or other documents to manage or direct your financial affairs.